📣 📣The strongest plan in early 2024 is coming 📣 📣

Jan 15,2024

As long as you place a full order on https://esimfun.com/, you will have the opportunity to receive air tickets, luggage and many super luxurious gifts🙀👏
Fun friends who want to go abroad, hurry up and place an order, maybe The lucky winner is you!! 😉💗
Event content: 2024 1/15-3/4 Fun friends who spend 500 yuan or more in a single transaction on the official website leave your order number in this event post and like it to share the post The article is eligible for the lucky draw!!
❗️❗️Super crazy prizes❗️❗️
First prize: 🇯🇵1 round-trip air ticket to Osaka, Japan (single person)🇯🇵
Second prize: 1 Lojel 26-inch suitcase
Enter the prize: Japan airport transfer (*airport/hotel, choose one of the outbound or return journey*) 1 person
Fourth prize: 2 Japanese icoca cards (containing stored value of 5,000 yen)
Fifth Prize: 3 Film Cameras
Land Prize: 3 Universal Transformer Adapters

FB message portal:https://bit.ly/3RX714Q

✅Lottery time: The lottery results will be announced at 2:00 pm on March 7, 2020.
✅Lucky winners please send a private message to the fan club before March 15, 2020 to receive the reward. Failure to do so will be deemed as giving up.
👉Each person can only leave one message. If you are found to have participated repeatedly or used someone else’s name to participate in the event, you will be disqualified from winning the prize.
👉If the name provided by the winner when claiming the prize does not match the account name, is forged or violates the rules of this event, the prize will be deemed invalid.
👉If the prize is undeliverable, lost, stolen or damaged due to errors in the information provided by the winner or other reasons attributable to the winner, the organizer will not resend it and the winner shall bear the relevant responsibility bear.
👉If there are any unfinished matters, we may make corrections at any time and reserve the right to change activities and gifts.
👉The prize mailing area is only in Taiwan (Taiwan, Penghu, Jin, and Malaysia)