[South Korea Internet] South Korea SIM Card - 5G Unlimited Data

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About South Korea Network Cards

  • Use telecommunications: SK Telecom, Internet access is not interrupted
  • South Korea the best local frequency band, network stability
[South Korea Internet Access] South Korea Card -5G Unlimited Traffic Does Not Slow Speed
Local Network:
SK Telecom
5G / 4G LTE / 3G
Traffic data:
5G unlimited traffic to eat full without slowing down
APN Installation:
Download speed:
Up to 100 Mbps
Upload speed:
Up to 50 Mbps
Network frequency:
5G 3500/5G 28000 / FDD-LTE 2100 (Band 1) / 1800 (Band 3) / 850 (Band 5) MHz


      • Insert card and turn on data roaming when you reach destination and mobile networkWait 3~5 minutes to connect to the local base stationcan be used.
      • In addition to the 24-hour/48-hour data plan, data calculation is based on Taiwan time (GMT 8) 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 as a day. Less than one day is also counted as one day.
      • Dual card slot mobile phone, please insert into the first card slot
      • Reparable user quality Hotspot sharing is not recommended.
      • The use of 4G services must be accompanied by mobile phones or devices that support 4G frequency bands. The network service depends on the network coverage, system compatibility or other network-related factors of the designated network provider.
      • Do not use the card in non-covered countries to avoid abnormal SIM card locking.
      • Actual data transfer speeds will vary depending on network conditions, hardware, software, or other factors at the time.
      • Network vendors are automatically assigned by the system based on resource availability.


    Customer Reviews

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    Korea network is stable

    After scanning the plane, everything is stable, sending IG to check the map is very smooth, and I will buy it again


    This time to buy the Korean 7-day programme, the use of the process of a sudden disconnection, the first disconnection of the editorial assistance to deal with the process, in the question of the editorial process of my operation with or without problems. The editor has not yet understood my question, there is not quite appropriate response, when the mood has been very bad disconnection, let a person feel that the degree of professionalism needs to be strengthened, and the network is unstable repeatedly, the use of the first four days have a sudden disconnection of the situation, which completely affects the arrangement of the trip to see a lot of red yt recommended, but I can not imagine that the stability of the greatly inferior to the physical network card.